Press Church

In-Person Reopening Plan

Our Current Plan

We all want to gather again in person for our worship services as soon as we can safely do so. While Ohio’s leaders are putting together plans to reopen businesses, we are also putting together plans for how we will move forward over the next few weeks and months. Our plans will need to be flexible based on the ever-changing situation. The first step is that we will be moving back to streaming our services online at 10:30 am on Sundays. We will not be streaming the services at 9 am for the remainder of the summer to reflect our in-person meeting plans.

June 14th forward

  • We will begin an in-person watch party each Sunday at 10:30am . We will have a banquet style table setup in the sanctuary for families/groups to sit and watch our video service together - no separate children's ministry
  • We will continue streaming our weekend services at 10:30am with no in-person gatherings at the Press Outreach Center.
  • We will continue streaming our Midweek Worship Service on Wednesdays at 7pm.
  • We will move our MWF Facebook Live with a pastor to Mondays and Fridays at Noon.
  • Press Life Groups should be launched and/or launching.


As restrictions are lifted, we will begin more full-service in-person gatherings. We will observe regulations recommended by the CDC and the State Health Department regarding the size of gatherings and the appropriate social distancing. This could mean no childcare/children's ministry during services, multiple service times and possible number restrictions, no coffee or food items served and adjustments to other elements such as bulletins and items that may be passed from one person to another.

Watch this video update from Pastor Sean